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Miss Venezuela’s Answer Makes Miss South Carolina Sound Like Winston Churchill [VIDEO]


Nobody expects pageant contestants to be Rhodes Scholars. If we did, the swimsuit competition would include a written and oral exam (not that kind, sicko, although it might improve the ratings).

However, they should be able to string together a coherent thought or at the very least, sentences that contain a subject and a predicate. Some alien race is bound to start ratcheting up their world domination plans if they found out that one of Earth’s “greatest women” sounds like a meth addict trying to diagram a sentence.

Irene Sofia Esser “Miss Venezuela” Quintero didn’t win the coveted crown during last night’s Miss Universe pageant because her answer in the all important “question and answer” competition made absolutely no sense. A judge asked her what law she would create and why and she fired back a buckshot spray of random words such as “Constitution” and “surfing.”

To be fair, if she asked a question about me face-to-very pretty face, I’m sure my answer would be just as incoherent and include words like “hafdablahmanana” and “hamanana hamanana” followed by some mild vomiting.

via Uproxx

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