Ten Women You’d Like To Survive The Apocalypse With [PHOTO GALLERY]

This Friday, December 21, the world will end.

Nothing will be left. Or a lot of stuff will be left, but the world will be so inhospitable for life that only a few will be able to find enough water, air, and food to survive. This of course, is according to the Mayans, who are currently 0-1 in the Civilizational Survival League.

But what if they’re right? What if s**t’s going down, and we can’t stop it? And what if you survive, left with the responsibility to clean up the mess and continue the human race? You’re going to need some help, probably from a woman who’s played someone in a movie who knew how to deal with stressful situations, such as actual apocalypses, vampires, zombies, british assassins, hell, even aliens. We sifted through thousands of such women and narrowed it down to ten. Choose wisely.

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