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Turns Out Seeing $315 Billion Worth Of Gold Is Boring As Sh*t [VIDEO]


STOP! Don’t watch this video!! First, image in your head what $315 billion worth of gold would look like. Picture it in your head. One of the world’s largest collections of wealth all in one room. Feel it in your brain.

Now you can watch…

That’s right. Turns out England stores all their gold in some dude’s basement on shelves they bought at an industrial going-out-of-business sale. “Don’t touch any of that gold! Not because it’s valuable, but because we’re afraid the shelf with collapse.”

And for those of you who think heist movies and James Bond and all that are all too fake, be thankful. Can you imagine if you were trying to rob the Bank of England? You’d be like, “I drilled through hundreds of feet of concrete for THIS? At least gimme so neon lighting or something…”

via Laughing Squid

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