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You’re Not Fat Because You Eat Too Much, You’re Fat Because You’re An Alcoholic


A recent report by the National Center for Health Statistics shows that of Americans who drink once a day, alcohol accounts for 16% of their daily diet.

Seriously? 16%? That’s nothing.

Hey, American drinkers, call me when you’re at 100% of your calories per day! That would be a real accomplishment.

Actually, no, don’t call me. I hate being drunk dialed.

Anyway, back on topic, 16% is a lot of calories, so to paraphrase a classic quote about drinking and driving, after gaining enough weight, eventually you’ll realize you have to stop eating.

I find the best place to cut calories is eating less before you drink. Because you know you are going to drunkenly gorge yourself after you drink. #DietTips

via Foodbeast

  • COED Writer