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The 10 Lamest College Football Bowl Game Sponsors


Everyone knows college football is better than pro football. But why, exactly? Well, aside from the NCAA’s vastly superior overtime format – hand to God, you can still TIE in the NFL, just ask Donovan McNabb – the biggest factor that keeps college pigskin in our hearts above all other things in life (apologies to the significant others out there, but, at least we like you more than hockey! Unless the lockout ends, of course) is tradition.

Yes, time-honored tradition. Like Ohio State’s “Best Damn Band In The Land” performing “Script Ohio” before every big game. Like Notre Damers slapping the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign as they leave the locker room on game day. Like Wisconsin Badger fanatics “Jumping Around” between the third and fourth quarters at Camp Randall. Like all those tradition-rich activities the schools to the west and east of Big Ten country probably do without my knowledge or interest. And last but not least, like the bowl games: the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the…wait, the BEEF ‘O’ BRADY’S BOWL?!!

Yes, as happy as it might make us to revel in all the wonderful college football traditions that have endured for a century and a half now, in the end, money talks. And thus, we have the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl. Not the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s [Blank] Bowl, or the [Blank] Bowl Presented By Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. Just, simply, the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl.

Here are the 10 lamest bowl sponsors currently mucking up the pageantry of our bowl season. Be sure to tune back in next year, when we’ll likely have to add Arkansas-Pine Bluff playing Mississippi Central A&T State in the HeadOn Apply Directly to the Forehead Bowl.

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