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The War In Syria Just Got Real


There’s something about a wartime economy that brings out a country’s geniuses from the woodwork. Two Syrian rebels, also brothers, have banded together to build the Sham II–a homemade tank that is controlled by Playstation I controllers. Yes, it looks about as crappy as it sounds.

The cool part is that they control both the DIY-tank and the roof-mounted machine gun with Playstation I controllers and a flat-screen televisions.

Since the whole vehicle is only covered in 2.5cm-thick sheeting , you could also say that the cool part is that they’re not dead yet. 2.5cm of sheeting is only strong enough to protect them from bullets. I’ve also seen enough Hollywood movies to know that every soldier in the Middle East carries at least a dozen RPGs. So yeah, these guys are toast.

If you’re like me, the first thing you’re wondering is where is the Sham II’s predecessor, the Sham I? What could they possibly have made improvements on? I did some digging and came up with this unconfirmed photo.


via Daily Mail


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