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Relive The 90‘s Childhood You Never Had By Buying Every SNES Cartridge Ever Made


Did your parents refuse to buy you a Super Nintendo when you were a youngin’? Did they believe that such blatant materialism and overpriced plastic would warp a young man’s mind and make him want things he didn’t need? Did being raised by those hippies turn you into a greedy, rich materialist anyway?

Now you can have your revenge along with every video game that your tiny heart ever desired. Someone on eBay put their entire collection of Super Nintendo games up for sale. Their collection includes all 721 games ever released as stand-alone cartridges (sorry Super Scope fans, both of you) in North America.

The collection is mostly comprised of used cartridges collected over the years but the seller says that they all are in good, working condition and most of them still have their original manuals and boxes. They can all be yours for just under $25,000. It might sound like a lot but can you really put a price on getting the childhood you never had?

Put in your bid here.

via Mental Floss

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