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Confused Old People Are Always Funny [PHOTOS]


Sunday’s the day that your parents make you go entertain your grandparents, if your grandparents are still around and kicking, that is.

Whatever year it is, your grandpa is always ten years behind in terms of technology and gadgetry, so you have nothing to do, unless you remembered your Nintendo DS.

You sit there, fielding the same questions grandma asked you last week, and trying not to watch her eat. Hands down, the best part of the visit, however, is one you might not have truly appreciated: the confused faces your grandparents make whenever they space out or have to solve a minor problem. This is always funny. They’re a little sad, but know that one day you’ll make the same dumb faces. Take a look at these pictures and learn to appreciate the entertainment that is confused elderly people.

  • COED Writer