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Another Scandal For The Cowboys And The NFL [VIDEO]


Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent drove drunk last night with his teammate Jerry Brown sitting shotgun.

He got in an accident, and Jerry Brown died. We’re being curt about this because, well, it’s just another story for the NFL these days. And it’s not even that unusual for the Dallas Cowboys.

What’s up with the NFL? Aren’t the front offices supposed to be trying to make their players appear as role models? There’s been an unprecedented string of suicides, murders, and drug busts among football players this year alone, and the league seems to want to talk tough but not do anything to fix the problem.

Here at COED, we love football, so we should probably do something to stop this madness. During the first week of the playoffs, we’re calling for a nationwide boycott of watching football. Instead, we want everyone to go on a porn site or something. Not the same one though, that will crash the porn site.

via YouTube

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