Now You Can Play ‘Portal’ In Class With This Calculator Version Instead Of Learning

The calculator has made some marvelous contributions to society. It’s allowed people to complete complex equations in the palm of a their hands. It’s affected and helped just about every major industry across the globe. But most importantly, it gives dumber math students something to do during class.

Just about every kid who had to suffer through a higher level algebra class had more than a few games loaded on their $100 school supply. In the old days, “Tetris,” “Frogger” or “Pac-Man” were commonplace. But today’s calculator gamer has more discerning tastes. And thankfully, someone stepped up to the challenge creating a sidescrolling port of Valve’s classic “Portal” that can run on your TI-whatever.

The graphing calculator port not only features the same central gameplay of the classic puzzler but also the same physics that made “Portal” and “Portal 2” such classics. So if a professor or teacher catches you playing it instead of learning how to find the derivative of a function, you can just tell them your “multitasking your educational curriculum.”

via Ars Technica

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