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Actual Muthaf***in’ Snake Causes Problems On A Muthaf***in’ Plane!


No, Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t there. And true, it was only one snake, not a whole plane of snakes. But give us this. We need it.

An Egypt Air plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a cobra was loose on the flight. According to CNN:

“[A] 48-year-old passenger, who owns a reptile shop in Kuwait, had hidden the Egyptian cobra in a carry-on bag. The passenger was trying to control the snake after it bit his hand and started slithering under the seats.”

There were no deaths or injuries to anyone besides the snake’s owner, but — yeah — since there was an emergency landing, people were late. They may or may not have missed something important. That’s almost a movie plot right there.

And then there’s this… The article continues:

“According to wildlife experts, the cobra’s venom is so deadly it can kill a full-grown elephant in three hours.”

So just think, if that flight had a full-grown elephant on it, that elephant would have been nearing death by the time the plane landed. And if there’d been a baby elephant around… Oh man! Then we would have been talking carnage.

At the very least, people should just be thankful this didn’t happen on a flight to or from America. It’s not the snake I’d be worried about. The pure number of people screaming, “There’s a muthaf***in’ snake on this muthaf***kin’ plane!” in their worst Samuel L. impersonation would be more painful than any bite you can get from a cobra.

via CNN

COED Writer