A Burger So Hot That You Have To Sign A Waiver To Even Touch It


There’s a good chance that the Fallout Pizza Burger might be the hottest hamburger on the planet. Considering that the sauce uses two of the hottest ingredients on the planet (ghost chili peppers and the Scotch bonnet), that news shouldn’t be surprising to you. What should is surprising, though, is that this concoction of sweat-inducing manliness was not developed in the United States. It’s made by Atomic Burger, a restaurant in Bristol, UK.

Before the meal is even served, customers are required to sign a waiver that reads they must:

  1. Be over 18 years old.
  2. Be of sound mind and judgement
  4. Wear protective gloves
  5. Not sue us – Really. You have to sign a waiver form

The burger and fries (covered in chili peppers obviously) come with gloves that are suggested for use while eating. I can’t imagine anything worse than wiping away the tears of joy after having finished your meal only to realize that you’ve accidentally inserted a million points of the Scoville scale into your eyes.

Winners (because what’s spicy food without a challenge?) receive a t-shirt, a place on the restaurant’s wall, and an overnight date with the toilet.

via HuffingtonPost

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