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Johnny Walker Black Whiskey Cures Man’s Blindness


We all know that whiskey is good for our health (at least that’s the lie we’ve been telling ourselves), but did you know it can cure blindness? That’s exactly what happened to a man in New Zealand.

Let’s take a look at Gawker’s recap of the story:

“65-year-old Denis Duthie…was throwing back a few in honor of his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, when his vision suddenly disappeared…. After an attempt to sleep the blindness off failed, Duthie decided it was time to visit the hospital. Doctors there immediately suspected methanol poisoning…. To prevent the methanol from further metabolizing into formaldehyde, doctors administered ethanol through Duthie’s gastro-intestinal tract, but there was only so much in stock. After the supply ran dry, a staff member was sent to a nearby liquor store to purchase a bottle of top-shelf whisky: Johnnie Walker Black. ‘I thought it was pretty bloody good,’ Duthie told the Herald, referring to the doctors’ unconventional cure. ‘I’m alive. The hospital was absolutely awesome. Couldn’t have been better.'”

So there you have it: a real-life medical use for whiskey — not that curing depression isn’t a medical use, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

But before you substitute whiskey for your chlamydia medication or whatever it is that ails you, keep in mind that this is a very specific use. As The New Zealand Herald reported, “Intensive care medicine specialist Tony Smith said administering ethanol was a well-established treatment for methanol poisoning. It worked because the ethanol competed with the methanol and prevented it from being metabolised into harmful formaldehyde, which can cause blindness.”

Keep in mind whiskey won’t even cure all types of poisonings — like alcohol poisoning, for instance.

via Gawker

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