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How To Open A Beer Bottle Without Touching It [VIDEO]


I’ve talked before about how I’m sick of all the “how to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener” videos. Let’s set the record straight: there are only two ways open a beer bottle: either it’s a twist off or you have to use leverage. And all these “how to” videos do is show you different ways of using leverage whether it be a with lighter or a folded up dollar bill or your erect penis or WHATEVER. [Editor’s note: Don’t try to open a bottle with your erect penis. That will hurt. I guarantee it.]

So cheers to BuzzFeed for finally pointing out how stupid all these videos are with this mock “how to.”

If you really want to get beer out of the bottle without touching it, go to a bar. Have a bartender do it for you. If you clicked through on this video to get honest advice on how to open a beer bottle without touching it, you probably need to spend some time away from your computer anyway.

via BuzzFeed

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