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Celebrate Jay-Z’s Birthday By Watching This Documentary On The Opening Of The Barclays Center [VIDEO]


Today is Jay-Z’s birthday as I’m sure many of you are aware after the date was immortalized as the first song on the rapper’s “farewell-album-that-wasn’t-a-farewell-album-but-was-a-classic,” The Black Album. He turns 43 — an age where, um, I hate to break it to you, Hova, but you’re starting to not sound so “forever young” anymore.

But I think we can all forgive Jay-Z for aging, because he’s doing it like fine wine, and the previous year of his life may have been one of his biggest. He became a father by welcoming his first child into the world. He reportedly began work on what will be his 12th solo album. And biggest of all, he helped bring the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, rebranding the team and opening a new arena for them to play in. Oh, and then once that arena was built, he proceeded to do eight sold out shows there as a grand opening.

The video above gives a very extensive look (over 24 minutes worth) at how it all happened.

COED Writer