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Jessica De Gouw [See Her Tonight on ARROW]


Jessica De Gouw guests on Arrow

(9 pm EST, The CW)

The Smallville spin-off Arrow (based on the DC superhero Green Arrow) hasn’t been a huge hit for The CW. Tonight’s episode might be a turning point, though. It has Jessica De Gouw showing up in her first appearance as The Huntress–who’s a fan favorite as the crime-fighting daughter of a brutal crime boss.

It’s a big debut for Jessica De Gouw, too. This awesome Aussie actress is making a splashy American debut as the crossbow-wielding beauty. She’s only supposed to be showing up in two episodes, but Green Arrow fans won’t be complaining. If Arrow was following the comics more closely, we wouldn’t be enjoying her until around the fifth season. Now we’re already enjoying a look at one of DC’s more devilish heroines. Check out these pics, and you’ll agree that you don’t have to be a geek to get animated over Jessica…   [image via Facebook]

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