Kourtney Hansen [See Her Tonight on NASHVILLE]


Kourtney Hansen on Nashville

(10 pm EST, ABC)

She might be a regular on Nashville, but it’s still hard to think of Kourtney Hansen as an actress. Her longtime fans know why Kourtney  seems so comfortable in ABC’s country-music saga about dueling divas. She can easily play a pampered star’s personal assistant, since Kourtney is a real Nashville insider herself.

In fact, Kourtney comes to Nashville right off a year as a correspondent on CMT Insider–“CMT” standing for “Country Music Television.” She started out as an Iowa gal, but quickly went from being a morning-zoo radio sidekick to more visual mediums. Kourtney came to Nashville and was soon welcome as a dancer (and team captain) for the Nashville Predators. (That’s the city’s hockey team.) Kourtney was also soon dancing in music videos for the likes of Keith Urban and Luke Bryan. She isn’t letting her television work keeping her from still being a big Predators’ fan, either. That’s our idea of a real Southern charmer–and now you can check out Kourtney’s charms yourself…   [image via facebook]

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