The Kid From ‘Two And A Half Men’ Wants You To Stop Watching His Show Because He’s Found Jesus [VIDEO]

With exception to The Big Bang Theory, is there any show worse than Two And A Half Men? Even their actors go crazy. First Charlie Sheen starts snorting troll blood and now the “And A Half” kid has discovered God. Or drugs. Or both.

Is there any chance that this is actually real? I can’t believe the show did much better than when it was dealing with the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco. Maybe it’s just another attempt at garnering PR about the show.

The only thing that’s getting me to believe that this is somewhat real is that Angus looks legitimately troubled. Not like “Satan is inside of me” troubled, like “I’m so high right now” troubled.

BTW, how happy is ForerunnerChronicles right now? For a cultish-religious site their pageviews must be through the roof. Now if they could only get Sheldon to kill himself, I’ll be happy.

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