Mass Effect 3’s ‘Omega’ DLC: Slaughtering Aliens Around The Galaxy Never Looked Better [TRAILER]

Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 came out in March to critical acclaim, but has been forgotten about in recent months due to the absolute flood of major game releases in the last 2 months. Can their latest DLC installment keep the game relevant?

The premise is simple: Commander Shepard takes back a black market space station full of mercenaries known as Omega with the help of previously unplayable characters. Mass Effect 3 was a brilliant game by itself, but subsequent lame-ass DLCs released so far (From Ashes, Extended Cut, Leviathan) have really let the fanbase down in an almost unforgivable manner. To be expected, the Omega DLC looks beautiful, but I’m not going to rush to download it onto my Xbox’s HDD.

The Omega DLC hits Xbox’s Marketplace on November 27, and the PSN Store on November 28.