Kate Duncan [See Her Tonight on REVOLUTION]

Kate Duncan guests on Revolution

(10 pm EST, NBC)

There’s some revolutionary talent on tonight’s Revolution–although certain folks have been admiring Kate Duncan for a while. This ravishing redhead has built a real empire as the femme Fabio, with her classic curves having graced the covers of over 100 romance novels–and that’s just the start to this young gal’s amazing career!

Kate’s already set to start working as a major-league model, and she’s starting to consider getting some big agency representation. She’s not ready to move to Manhattan yet, though. That’s because Kate’s busy with her studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Yeah, she’s a little distracted while majoring in anthropology with a focus on forensics and paleoanthropology. Kate is only showing up on Revolution because the show is produced in her neighborhood. Iron Man 3 also did some shooting in North Carolina. Kate stopped by that set to do some stand-in work. No biggie. She’d probably rather tell us about her time spent working in the St. Louis Medical Examiners office. Frankly, we’d be happy to hear anything from this big-brained babe. For now, though, all we can do is hope that Kate’s many interests keep her interested in fooling around in front of the camera. Check out these pics, and you might start fooling around yourself…  [image via 4ormat.com]

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