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Shawn Richardz [See Her Tonight on TREME]


Shawn Richardz on Treme

(10 pm EST, HBO)

It’s been another sleepy season in New Orleans on HBO’s Treme, but things have sure livened up with Shawn Richardz in a recurring role. This multi-talented gal always shows up in new places and showcases some new part of her personality–ranging from her work as a lingerie model to a sports commentator to a hot soul singer.

Shawn’s pretty much a perfect gal all around, although she made her first impression on us a random hot babe on Nip/Tuck. We couldn’t help notice her–and that wild mane of hair–as Shawn kept showing up in other roles. Sometimes we’d just catch her in the background as a dancer. Shawn always stands out, and this Treme role should give her some vital exposure as she heads into MILFdom. We know she has a small role in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Suddenly, it makes sense that the studio decided to pull the movie and transfer the film into 3D. For now, though, enjoy these lively regular pics of Shawn’s shapely bod…   [image via imdb]

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