Brittany Curran [See Her Tonight on CRIMINAL MINDS]

Brittany Curran on Criminal Minds

(9 pm EST, CBS)

It’s time for another round of Look Who Got Older–with Brittany Curran hitting our living rooms in all of her grown-up glory! The former Disney Channel regular was still looking too young when she hit the multiplexes in the 2008 thriller The Uninvited. Now she’s moving on to adult roles, including tonight’s turn on Criminal Minds.

We also have our hopes up that Brittany is about to try and become a Scream Queen, judging from the slate of low-budget horror films that she has coming up on her filmography. That’s the kind of career path we don’t see enough of from former Disney gals. (Her turn on a TV-movie from R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour doesn’t really count.) There’s nothing scary about these hot pics, though, as Britanny shows off her ever-expanding talents in some very sexy settings…   [image via imdb]

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