Stop The Violence: Ridiculously Hot Redheads To Make You Forget About ‘Kick A Ginger Day’

There are a lot of great holidays. For instance, Thanksgiving, arriving this Thursday, is a fantastic holiday. You’re essentially given four days off to do nothing but eat and watch sports. Arbor Day is also a solid. Trees, bitch! But there are bad holidays too.  Like “Kick A Ginger Day” which happens to be today.

Who the hell would advocate kicking another human being just because they have red hair or freckles or tons of red hair and freckles? Are we not all together on this planet? Are there not bigger issues in the world than the color of one’s hair or the oddness of their freckles? I have a giant mole on my back. There’s no “Kick A Guy With A Giant Mole On His Back Day.” And I guarantee you that the mole on my back is grosser than any freckle.

So anyway, if there’s one thing we here are at COED advocate, it’s making the world a better, safer place for people of all hair colors. That’s why we’re giving you a giant gallery of beautiful redheads to remind you that we are all God’s creatures. So be kind. You’re definitely not going to score one of these hotties if they catch you roundhousing a child because of his freckles.

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