Minni Jo Mazzola [See Her Tonight on NCIS]

Minni Jo Mazzola on NCIS

(8 pm EST, CBS)

We’ve got a thing for Minni Jo Mazzola–and there’s nothing mini about it, if you know what we mean. She’s a hard lady to get into our living rooms, though. Our only regular exposure to Minni Jo has been her recurring role as Aubrey Plaza’s sister on Parks and Recreation. That role hasn’t been recurring nearly enough, either, so it’s a big deal to see her on tonight’s NCIS.

You can see an awful lot of Minni Jo if you’re in Los Angeles, though. She’s very active in the theater–including lots of classy classical roles–and also stays busy as a model and dancer. Check out her work as a musician, and you might be surprised at how much we need an acoustic emo rock star. (You can keep up with all those career via her Twitter feed, too.) Also, Minni Jo is a contortionist. That’s a nice thought. We know you’ll have plenty of nice thoughts yourself as you check out this gallery of Minni Jo at her most alluring…   [image via facebook]

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