Here’s A 3 1/2 Hour Video Of A Guy Pronouncing The Longest Word In The English Language [VIDEO]

If you sat through that whole thing there is a very short English word that describes you: a f**king idiot.

The word is actually the full chemical name for “titin” — the longest known protein. For those of you who want more information, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it:

As the largest known protein, titin also has the longest IUPAC name. The full chemical name, which starts methionyl… and ends …isoleucine, contains 189,819 letters and is sometimes stated to be the longest word in the English language, or any language. However, lexicographers regard generic names of chemical compounds as verbal formulae rather than English words.

Why is that lexicographers always have to ruin everyone’s fun?

via BuzzFeed

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