Roberta Valderrama [See Her Tonight on BONES]

Roberta Valderrama on Castle

(10 pm EST, ABC)

We can always count on Bones to provide some guest turns by offbeat beauties. Tonight’s episode is a real thriller as we get Roberta Valderrama in our living rooms–and this curvy wild gal is always a fun time on video or film.

Like most people, we first got turned on to Roberta in the improvised supermarket sitcom Ten Items Or Less. That show often paired her with melons without even working up an inside gag about Roberta’s degree from the Carnegie Mellon School Of Drama. Roberta’s managed to keep working steadily, and she’s also stayed busy making some fun contributions to the FunnyOrDie site. You’ll see that Zachary Quinto is especially fond of working with Roberta. At least we can enjoy these hot pics without worrying about Quinto getting cozy with the object of our affections. But try not to think about how Roberta isn’t related to Wilmer Valderrama, which means she might end up as yet another of that assclown’s conquests…  [image via facebook]

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