Gluttonous Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Pr0n [93 PHOTOS]

Thanksgiving is the only holiday the revolves almost entirely around eating. (I think, I’m not doing any research.) So we here at COED figured we’d just cut to the chase and give you want you want: people chowing down on giant turkey legs. And then to up the ante, let’s make them all chicks, because it always more fun to see a petite girl gnawing on a giant leg of bird.

If all goes well, we hope you’re the first to make it to the turkey legs during your Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.

And if this doesn’t satiate your appetite, check out our previous post “2 Girls, 1 Leg” turkey pr0n edition. Or see “The 25 Sexiest Women You Didn’t Know Were Native American.” No turkey legs, but still great nonetheless.

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