Every Led Zeppelin Album Ranked From Worst To Best In Celebration Of ‘Celebration Day’

Is Led Zeppelin the greatest rock band of all time? People will argue for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, maybe even Pink Floyd, but Led Zeppelin is definitely in the conversation. The group’s sheer musical power and popularity has allowed them to endure to this day. Literally, being that the band is back in the news again with the release of their newest concert film/record, Celebration Day, today.

Celebration Day captures a live concert the group played on December 10, 2007. It was the closest group has come to a full reunion with the three surviving members — Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones — and the son of deceased drummer John Bonham playing a set full of classic Led Zeppelin material.

In celebration of Celebration Day, we’ve decided to give you a ranking of all nine Led Zeppelin studio albums (including Coda, for what it’s worth) from worst to best. Enjoy. Or don’t and then complain in the comments…

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