21 Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [November 19th – November 26th]

Your first reason as to why this week wont’ suck involves the fact that you’re getting a three-day weekend. I say you because we’re still doing our regular publishing hours here at COED so any time you feel like you’ve had enough turkey and family advice, feel free to come check us out.

Other than that, there are a whole host of cool things going on this week. A famed video game franchise returns for the first time in six years, you get to watch major football games four out of seven days, and America finally gets to beat the sh*t out of those pesky North Koreans.


Monday Night Football (Sports):

  • When: 8:30 PM EST | Where: ESPN
  • This week’s MNF is going to be somewhat difficult to watch as neither the 49ers or the Bears are going to be playing their starting quarterback. Considering the clout of both defenses involved, don’t be surprised if the score ends up being 3-0.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day (Music Release)


ZombiU (Video Game Release)

  • We didn’t get a review copy in the mail COUGH COUGH but from reading other sites, it looks like you’ll either love or hate this first-person survival game. The concept is pretty amazing though.

Hitman: Absolution (Video Game Release)

  • In a time where the video game market is flooded with new releases, Hitman: Absolution hasn’t been getting a lot of attention. The graphics look good, though. Fans of the series will be quick to point out that the game is being brought to a whole new system. The last release was 6 years ago. Watch the trailer here.

Mike D’Antoni Lakers Head Coach Debut? (Sports)

  • Where: NBA TV | When: 10:30 PM EST
  • The Lakers host the Nets, but this game is worth watching because it’s the night that D’Antoni feels he’ll be able to coach (source).


Life of Pi (Movie Release)

  • Did you read the book? It doesn’t matter. This is definitely going to be a must-watch film.

2nd Biggest Night Out (Party)

  • Everyone’s back home to visit the folks, so get ready to hit the bars or the basement of your divorced friend who’s dad is off trying to get laid so that he can forget all the pain and loss for at least one hour.

Red Dawn (Movie Release)

  • Wolverines!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (TV Event): Where: ABC | When: 8:00 PM EST

  • It’s not the holidays until A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving comes on. That’s official.


Thanksgiving (Holiday): 

  • Only one of the best holidays of the year. Lots of food, wine, friends and family. Just try to deal with the fact that every one of your older family members won’t understand the concept of “Movember.” Which is a shame because they’re the ones you’re really trying to save.

NFL Thanksgiving Games (Sports): 

  • Texans at Lions (12:30 PM EST | CBS)
  • Redskins at Cowboys (4:15 PM EST | FOX)
  • Patriots at Jets (8:20 PM EST | NBC)

Paul van Dyk @ Pacha NYC (Concert):

  • For those of you who enjoy seriously punishing themselves, feel free to dance off all those calories you just ate with Paul Van Dyk and Tritonal at Pacha NYC. Doors open at 10. Tickets are $10 before Midnight.


Trapped in the Closet (TV Premiere

  • Where: IFC Channel | When: 9 PM EST
  • R Kelly/Pimp Lucius/a midget is back. This is cause for celebration.

Black Friday (Sale)

  • There will be tons of sales. Your wallet will thank you but your feet will not–prepare to wait in lines unless you choose to shop online.


  • Hope you’re not tired of turkey sandwiches! Seriously, I hope you’re not. They’re like the best sandwiches in the world. I love Thanksgiving day leftovers.


Small Business Saturday:

Eric Prydz @ Roseland Ballroom (Concert):

  • Fans of his are hoping that a repeat of the Beekman incident don’t happen again. Considering Eric’s appearances in the United States are rare, this one is not to be missed. Doors open at 9:00 PM. Tickets here.

College Football Games:

  • USC vs. Notre Dame plus every other match-up. I’m officially never guessing any more games this year.


NFL Games

  • Do I need to explain why this is a reason “Why The Week Won’t Suck?”

Liz and Dick (TV Event):

  • I probably need to explain why this is on “Reasons Why The Week Won’t Suck.” We get to check in with Lindsay Lohan and make sure she doesn’t actually look as bad as all these photoshopped pictures of her look.
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