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Girls Eating Twinkies [42 PHOTOS]


Here’s the bad news: Hostess is definitely closing, leading many to speculate this could spell the end of the mighty Twinkie — the food that was supposed to last past the apocalypse.

But now the good news: as reported in the Chicago Tribune, a company spokesman stated, “We’ll be selling the brands and as much of the infrastructure as we can,” before continuing, “There is value in the brands.”

So the question now becomes, will someone step up and buy the Twinkie brand? Will Twinkie live on? Maybe YOU could buy the Twinkie brand? Have you been looking to parlay a small fortune into an even larger fortune by investing in and rebuilding the profitability of a legendary American product? This could be your chance!

And to those naysayers who believe there’s no value left in the Twinkie, just take a look at all the ladies enjoying a mouthful of sponge cake and cream. And remember, where the girls go, the guys will follow…

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