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Trojan Condoms Releases Their 2012 Sexual Health Report Card


Trojan Condoms recently released their 2012 Sexual Health Report Card ranking “141 major campuses drawn from conferences within the Bowl Championship Series and beyond…representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.” Each school was graded in 11 categories to determine their final placement.

The top ranking school? University of Illinois. Then Ivy League schools gobbled up four of the next five spots.

But no one likes looking at schools that do well on sexual health report cards. We want to see the sleazy underbelly of modern American collegiate students. Which is why the bottom ten schools are really the most revealing…

Are we so surprised that a bunch of Mormons and the U.S. government aren’t big fans of talking about sexual health?

But the good news for students at BYU is at least if they are sleeping around, they’re sleeping around with other Mormons. It’s the U.S. Air Force Academy I’d be worried about. God knows who those military guys are screwing. And I talked to God about it, and he said it’s mostly prostitutes.

But in all seriousness, just because a school doesn’t get the highest grade in sexual health doesn’t mean the students have to suffer. Yes, it’s nice when a college takes a strong stance towards helping out the student body, but in the end, we’re all responsible for our own bodies.

So the biggest takeaway here: no matter where your school falls on this list, be responsible.

See the entire list of all 141 schools here and find out where your school ranks.

COED Writer