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COED Sits Down With NY Giants Bradshaw & Boley To Talk Black Ops II [INTERVIEW]


With the highly anticipated release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II this week, COED sat down with two members of the New York Giants to discuss the new game. Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Boley are both big gamers and, to put it lightly, were excited to have their bye week conveniently scheduled around COD’s release.

The two players were in Times Square to take on real life American soliders in a Pros vs. G.I. Joes challenge to help promote the game’s release. Read our full interview below, and if you haven’t picked up Black Ops II yet we highly recommend you do so soon.

COED: Who’s the better player COD between you two?

Boley: Right, now I’d have to say that I’m the better player. I haven’t seen Ahmad play yet so I’m going to have to give myself that one.

Bradshaw: You know, my game speaks for itself.

COED: Do you play a lot of games in the locker room? Call of Duty? Any other games?

Bradshaw: In the locker room? No, we have video games but don’t play much. We play a little FIFA.

COED: Do you guys play on the road? Anybody bring a system with them?

Bradshaw: I have, you know, last year when the game came out we were in Philly and I played it there. It was awesome.

COED: Is it good timing that you guys have a bye week during the games release?

Bradshaw: Excellent timing.

Boley: It’s great. For us, it works out every year. The game comes out on Tuesday, which is obviously our day off during the week. I’m usually up every Monday night until early Tuesday morning.

COED: Who else on the team plays?

Bradshaw: We usually just talk junk between the two of us.

Boley: I don’t know many other guys that play. I know Zak (DeOssie) plays from time to time, but he plays Battlefield.

COED: That’s weak… anyways, do either of you guys play the Zombie game mode? That’s a favorite here at COED.

Boley: I play a little bit. I haven’t really played Zombies since World At War. I tried to play the other ones but it just wasn’t the same. I mean, I’ll try it though.

COED: Do you guys use video games to vent at all? To get out some frustration?

Bradshaw: I guess it could be used for that. It’s just relaxing, a way to get off our feet, kick back and have fun.

Boley: I’m a gamer, so it definitely relaxes me.

COED: Do you have any of those moments where you just want to smash the controller?

Bradshaw: Definitely.

Boley: I haven’t smashed any, but I’ve came close.

COED: In regards to XBox Live, do you play with friends or mostly play with randoms?

Bradshaw: I’m a PS3 guy, I don’t have friends yet on XBox. I got the game early, and if I can get some friends I think I’d like it more and get into it more for the XBox. The controller just kills me. I gotta get used to it.

Boley: I play with friends. I’ve got a bunch of friends. When I got on Xbox was when Halo 3 first came out and that’s how I met a lot of my gaming friends. They’ve kind of transferred over to Call of Duty.

COED: Are there any other players you know in the NFL that are Call Of Duty fans?

 Bradshaw: I’ve played against a couple of Patriots. I played Gronkowski, Brandon Spikes, we played a lot when we trained in Miami.

COED: Do you guys play this more than Madden?

Boley: Oh, yeah. I buy Madden every year, but I don’t play it. I mean they’ve taken it so far. There are so many buttons for everything. You’ve gotta press this button to hold on to the ball, this button to juke. It’s too much.

Bradshaw: I play a lot of Madden, but this (Call Of Duty) stays in my system.

Boley: I try to play other games, and thanks to my friends I always end up right back on Call of Duty.

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