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Woman Buys iPad From A Stranger At A Gas Station, Is Shocked When It’s Fake


Jalonta Freeman was just doing what any woman in her situation would do: buying an iPad, sight unseen, at a tremendously reduced price, from a stranger that wandered up to her car while she was pumping gas at a local gas station. But best you listen to her tell the story herself in the local news clip above.

Shockingly, the “iPad” turned out to be a mirror with a wrapping that kind of make it look like it might be an iPad.

I’m shocked the dude that sold it to her actually went through the trouble of dolling the mirror up that much being that Jalonta seemed pretty content to buy the iPad without spending much time looking in the box.

If there is any sort of takeaway from this story, it would probably be, don’t be f*cking stupid as sh*t.

via Videogum

COED Writer