Dannielle Van Der Walt Wins Miss COED October 2012 [PHOTOS]

We really can’t express the amount of love we have for all the beautiful women who were featured as Miss COED in the month of October. But just like every month, we put our readers to the test by asking them to choose who they thought would best represent October in the Miss COED of the Year competition. The tribe has spoken and chosen Danielle Van Der Walt, the hottest Batman fan-girl you’re likely to find.

We’ll update you all on anything new and exciting Danielle does leading up to the Miss COED of the Year competition, but in case you all missed out on her original bio, here it is:

Dannielle is a 23-year-old model originally from South Africa who moved to the United States when she was a little girl. She’s previously been featured in Maxim, Poker Centerfolds (August 2012), and the cover of Capital Style Magazine which is pretty admirable considering that she’s only been involved in modeling for just over a year.

She’s a huge fan of all things Batman (you can see her various tributes on her Facebookpage) but also enjoys Pulp Fiction and hockey. If those things are too mainstream for you, you’ll be happy to know that she also digs ‘screamo’ music and World of Warcraft.

The young lady worked especially hard for the honor, so make sure to congratulate Danielle on her win on Facebook and Twitter.

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Miss COED: Rachel Jones [14 PHOTOS]
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