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Katie Walder [See Her Tonight on GRIMM]


Katie Walder guests on Grimm

(9 pm EST, NBC)

Grimm gives us another bedtime story with tonight’s episode, as Katie Walder stops by to be tonight’s fantasy girl. This striking blonde has been livening up our living rooms since we first saw her in a recurring role on Gilmore Girls. (She was Rory’s jock roommate.) Ever since then, it’s been difficult to keep up with Katie’s busy career.

Katie first kept busy on crime procedurals like CSI: Miami and Without A Case, and then indulged her comedic side by joining the bevy of babes who’ve guested on How I Met Your Mother. Now she’s getting to show off her range, with Katie mixing turns on Supernatural and tonight’s Grimm with innovative comedy showcases like Adult Swim’s NTSF:SD:SUV. This isn’t Katie’s first time in fairytale land, either. She co-wrote and starred in a short film called Intervention: Cinderella, where the would-be princess has to face her sex addiction. Check out Katie’s pics, and you’ll get addicted yourself–and we’re throwing in a video of Katie getting political in a sexy spoof…   [image via facebook]

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