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Who Wants Pizza-Flavored Ice Cream? (No, Seriously)


Weird ice cream flavors are nothing new. Ever since the world went food crazy (about the time when the Food Network realized they could sustain two TV channels and launched the Cooking Channel) people are seemingly willing to try every culinary trick in the book. And so now here we are with pizza ice cream.

Made by Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream, I have no specific backstory for pizza ice cream. The creamery has only been around since 2011, so the product has to be at least relatively new. And I can’t find any reviews of how good or bad pizza ice cream is. But Philadelphia knows how to make some damn good pies, so my expectations for pizza ice cream would be extremely high.

It also would probably help if I was extremely high when I tried it. Knowing what I know about Philadelphia, I don’t think that would be a problem either.

via Foodbeast

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