Angry Birds Star Wars Is Here: Watch The Animated Trailer [VIDEO]

I’m sure some of you want to hate on Angry Birds. And you probably think a Star Wars version of Angry Birds is even lamer. Why? Just because they are two of the most popular things of all time? I bet you would hate on a Gone with the Wind version of Pac-Man, wouldn’t you?

I’m amped for this app. I’m downloading it to my phone right now.

And you know what, I think the animated Angry Birds Star Wars trailer above is cute. That’s right: cute, motherf**ker! It’s the goddamn Angry Birds reenacting some of the best scenes from the original Star Wars movie. This ain’t Mickey Mouse, assholes. This is the Birds. And if you want to hate and this post is making you angry, maybe you should go find some pigs to take out your anger on.

And if they turned that into a game, I’d install that on my phone and play it too, hater.

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