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Christie Laing [See Her Tonight on ARROW]


Christie Laing guests on Arrow

(8 pm EST, The CW)

There’s an election going on tonight, but The CW is betting that their teen target audience would rather be watching some fiction. They’re stacking the deck with Christie Laing guesting on Arrow, too. She’s been around for over a decade, ┬áso you can’t call her a rising starlet. Christie is more of a cult actress who’ll fit right in with Arrow‘s superhero action.

Christie could already make a living on the sci-fi fan circuit with her two appearances on Smallville, along with a turn on The 4400 and two more guest roles on Supernatural. She also did some great work in the 2010 horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. That great indie barely made it to the midnight arthouse screenings, but Christie also lit up the big screen as a mythological beauty in the same year’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Sadly, she ended up on the cutting room floor as a sex bomb in National Lampoon’s Going The Distance. We know that we’ll be seeing more of Christie–and here are some memorable shots if you can’t tear yourself away from petty affairs like the Presidency…

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