Who Should Be Miss COED October 2012? [PHOTOS + VOTING]


October was a scary-hot month for fans of Miss COED. Not only did we feature some previous Maxim and Playboy models, we also introduced you to some hot, new faces. And while we’re fans of each girl, only one model can represent for the month of October in the Miss COED of the Year voting. Who’s it going to be?

By now, you all should know the drill but I’ll repeat it for you anyways. Check out all of the fine ladies who were Miss COED from October 2012 and then feel free to click on their thumbnails–that’ll take you to their individual galleries. Once you’ve got a good feel for the field, vote for your favorites in the poll at the bottom. Good luck to everyone!


Left to right: Rachel Fox, Lindi Koprivnikar, Chrissy Victoria

Left to right: Jordan Lozoya, Miranda Jordan, Stefanie Morgan

Left to right: Jamile De Campos, Molly Morrison, April Thomas

Left to right: Beata Komoni, Lindsey Johnson, Julia Peerenboom

Left to right: Alanna BallantineDannielle van der WaltKatie DeLuca

Left to right: Heather Lee Barnhart, Shira Hefter, Natasha Allen

Left to right: Laura Moro, Annelise Marie, Emmy Corinne

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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