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Is A Skittles Sorting Machine The Most Worthless Machine Ever Invented? [VIDEO]


I’m sick of this goddamn Skittles Illuminati and their refusal to allow us to taste the rainbow one color at a time. Every email I’ve sent to Mars requesting they sell Skittles by individual flavor has gone without a response. So it’s good to see someone finally taking actions into their own hands, inventing a Skittles sorting machine.

Except the difference between me and the guy who invented the Skittles sorting machine is that I am joking and haven’t wasted my time creating a machine that sorts candy.

But hey, maybe this guy knows something I don’t. Maybe Facebook is looking to get into the Skittles sorting game and will buy out this guy’s patent for $400 million.

Or maybe dude just hates sorting Skittles. More power to you, man.

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