Kelly Brook Reminds You That Burlesque Shows Aren’t Out of Fashion [PHOTOS]

Whenever I hear of “burlesque shows” I immediately imagine a musty theatre with some old broad singing Broadway tunes in a costume way to small for her (forgetting Katrina Darling, of course). Well Kelly Brook has proved me wrong once again, because she put on a jolly good show in London with the Crazy Horse dancers. 

Reports say that she got naked but we haven’t seen any photos or video to prove this. Considering that we’ve seen Kelly naked more times than I care to repeat out loud, this isn’t really a disappointment.

She’s trying to move away from that whole Page 3 thing anyways.

Last night’s performance was the first show in a series that runs through November 8th. With two shows each day on the weekends and one on each weekday (except Monday), you should be able to find a seat if in town.

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