Meet The Guy They Call ‘The Human Wikipedia’ [VIDEO]


The man called “Human Wikipedia” in this video is Steve Ellison and he has a very strange talent: he can tell you the name of any famous person in history simply based on their birth and death years.

But come on, the name “Human Wikipedia” is total bullsh*t. Typically with Wikipedia, you look up a famous person to get info about them, not the other way around. I’m sure I could tell you the name of most famous people if you read me their Wikipedia article.

Then, there’s the whole deal that simply knowing the birth and death years of famous people is about as useful as being able to name the stats of every player who’s ever been on the Jacksonville Jaguars. Does this guy realize that Wikipedia actually has valuable information on it?

But hey, if it’s what get this guy laid, whatever, good for him. Just maybe find yourself a less cocky nickname.

via The Daily What

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COED Writer