Both Lady Gaga And Rihanna Dressed Like Marijuana For Halloween [PICS]


Rihanna went as “The Bride of Mary Jane” complete with bud bouquet. So score her points for originality over Lady Gaga’s “Princess High the Cannabis Queen” which seemed most like an excuse to wear pot pasties. Seriously, Gaga? You’re known for your crazy costumes, but for Halloween all you can muster is a green skirt and a giant doobie? I guess when you treat every day like Halloween, you can phone it in on the actual holiday.

Regardless, congrats to both of these ladies for continuing to be open about their tokin’. Though you’re polluting our kids ears with mediocre pop music, I’m glad to see you’re balancing out the cosmos by trying to raise them into an army of potheads.

But be careful of those gateway costumes. Next year it could be “Admiral OxyContin.” Then it’s off to Halloween rehab.

Anyway, see 7 pics of each from last night in the gallery below…

COED Writer
COED Writer