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Man Sues Wife For Lying To Him About Being Ugly And WINS


According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese man recently won the equivalent of $120,000 after suing his wife for concealing the fact that she was naturally ugly with plastic surgery.

It all started when the woman, who the man married without any knowledge of her prior looks, gave birth to an incredibly ugly child that looked like neither parent. The man was so upset “he initially accused his wife of cheating. Faced with the accusation, his wife admitted to spending around [$100,000] on plastic surgery which had altered her appearance drastically.”

He sued his wife and a judge awarded him the damages.

There’s no mention in the story of the child. That’s got to be tough, growing up knowing you are so ugly your dad sued your mom over you and won. It’s not as if this kid is going to have it easy in life to begin with being that he is so damn ugly.

Maybe the father can spend his winnings on getting his kid some plastic surgery too.

via Geekologie

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