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Jack Daniel’s To Release A Colorless ‘White Whiskey’ Next Year


From rock stars to alcoholics, everyone loves Jack Daniel’s. Their signature whiskey is relatively easy drinking straight or smooth with mixer. But in what seems like a pretty clear (I guess pun intended) attempt to expand their brand, they’ve recently announced that they’re getting into the “white whiskey” business.

Whiskey actually gets it’s color from the aging process, so “white whiskey” is simply unaged whiskey. It was popular during the bootlegging days of Prohibition but the style has seen a resurgence with the recent trend towards “micro-distilleries.”

Also, I guess it’s worth noting that Jack Daniel’s entry isn’t really a “whiskey” at all, it’s a rye. But, oh, details. The taste is also different: sweeter than a traditional whiskey.

So the questions becomes, are people really going to drink a colorless whiskey?

Well, sh*t. Does it have alcohol in it??

via HuffPo

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