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Julie McNiven [See Her Tonight on NCIS]


Julie McNiven guests on NCIS

(8 pm EST, CBS)

It’s always a good sign when Julie McNiven shows up in a guest role. She has a habit of making a recurring role out of plenty of parts. Julie’s been a steady presence on Supernatural and SGU: Stargate Universe–and also livened up two seasons of Mad Men, where she gave Christina Hendricks some hot competition as the sexiest redhead on Madison Avenue.

That was back when we jumped on Julie as one of The Mad-Hot Women of Mad Men. The cable show was taking off, but Julie had still been working steadily as a stand-in for Lindsay Lohan. Julie’s own career is still as hot as her bod, and we’re looking forward to watching her career keep burning. She’s even landed a lead role in the upcoming indie Screwed. It’s probably not really about what we’re hoping it’s about. That’s okay, though. We’ll just indulge ourselves with this gallery and keep looking for Julie to keep recurring in our dreams…   [image via imdb]

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