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NFL Upon Further Review: Week 8 [GIFs and Videos]


The final weekend of the National Football League in October had plenty of memorable moments to cover here on NFL Upon Further Review. We had a Browns offensive lineman assist Trent Richardson on a touchdown run, Robert Griffin the 3rd getting jacked up as he plays a wide receiver, DeAngelo Hall being himself, and Rob Gronkowski paying tribute to the Buckingham Palace guard “nutcrackers”. [lead funny face image via NFL]

Guess which one we’re going to cover first.

It’s A Celebration, B*tches: Reaction GIFs

If you didn’t think we were starting with Gronk’s “nutcracker” dance, you’re crazy.

Helicopter d*ck swing (aka Gronk taking over Europe)

Oppa “Punt Block” Style

Eric Decker Gives the Ultimate Mile High Celebration

What a clown

Incognito blowing kisses to Mark Sanchez

MeAngelo Hall Gets Ejected

‘Skins DB DeAngelo Hall was ejected during yesterday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers for getting a little too into the face of one of the refs. The only thing less surprising than Hall getting ejected is that some ‘Skins fans are sticking up for the punk.

Dez Bryant Comes Up Fingers Short

When it appeared that the New York Giants were going to cruise by the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas came back from a twenty-four point deficit and had a shot to win the game in regulation.

Watch as Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant appears to catch the game-winning touchdown with less than 10 seconds left but sadly for him, his left wrist lands out of bounds and the catch was nullified by officials:

The Giants would stop Dallas on the final play of the game and Dallas fans probably fell into a deep depression from this loss.

Marshawn Goes Beast Mode

It’s been awhile since Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has fully entered Beast Mode but he found that gear in the second quarter against the Detroit Lions.

Watch as Mr. Lynch takes this toss play a distance of 77-yards at Ford Field for the longest touchdown run of his career.

RGIII Should Stick To QB

So far this season, Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin the 3rd has provided a spark for the offense with his running and passing abilities.

However against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Redskins decided to line Robert out as a wide receiver and attempt to use him as a decoy.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark didn’t buy the decoy and decided to let Griffin have it with a late hit.

Normally, that would have resulted in a Redskins first down but Griffin was charged with offensive pass interference negating the late hit penalty.

Brown Backpedals 25 Yards To Endzone

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of premature celebration but even I had to chuckle at bit at the antics of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown thought he had accomplished an 80-yard punt return and decided to celebrate with a back-pedal from the 20-yard line backwards.

Only issue for Brown was that the play was negated by a penalty.

Trent Richardson Gets 6 With A Little Help From His Friends

I’ve seen some pretty crazy NFL touchdown runs over the years but this one has to rank up there as an all-timer.

Cleveland Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson faced a 2&10 against the San Diego Chargers and broke away from a couple of Chargers defenders and appeared to be going down.

However, Browns offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao pushed him forward and help Trent score on a 27-yard touchdown run.

Monday Night Football Preview

This week, Monday Night Football features an NFC West match-up that boasts two great defenses. The 49ers survived the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night last week and got the added benefit of a couple of extra day’s rest to prepare for Arizona.

San Francisco’s #1 ranked defense has looked good all year but the offense will determine if they can pull out the win against their NFC West rival. Expect to see a lot of Frank Gore running the football as Alex Smith hasn’t exactly looked like the Alex Smith of a season ago.

In terms of the Arizona Cardinals, it looked like they finally turned the corner as they started the season at 4-0 but quickly dropped three straight after losing Kevin Kolb to injury. The offense will have a Halloween feel as the team will by John Skelton but I’m not quite sure the offense will do much against that 49ers defense.

One of the bigger surprises in the NFC has to be the Cardinals defense which is currently ranked 7th in total yardage allowed. If the Cards defense can keep the game close, Arizona has a chance to jump back in the division race. At the end of the day, San Francisco should have the upper hand in this one…or did I mean bird the hand?

Coed Prediction: San Francisco 49ers 21 Arizona Cardinals 7

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