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Alexa Havins [See Her Tonight on CASTLE]


Alexa Havins guests on Castle

(10 pm EST, ABC)

Tonight’s episode of Castle is called “Probable Cause,” but we’re definitely tuning in ’cause of Alexa Havins showing up in a guest spot. She’s best known as a soap star–including long stints on One Life to Live and All My Children–but Alexa has gotten plenty of chances to show off that she’s ready for primetime.

Her career really started to take off in 2011 with her role on the popular BBC sci-fi series Torchwood. Alexa also made new American admirers when she guested as a younger woman with a plunging neckline on a 2011 episode of Grey’s Anatomy–made even more impressive by how Alexa still passes as a sexy young thing even safely into her thirties. Sadly, Alexa has a firm stance against nudity, so maybe it’s no big loss that she hasn’t broken through to the big screen. We still have a gallery of hot images that show why Alexa is a big deal to us…  [image via imdb]

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