Jamie Chung [See Her Tonight on ONCE UPON A TIME]


Jamie Chung on Once Upon A Time

(8 pm EST, ABC)

Once Upon A Time has really taken off as a hit show with its second season–and it can’t hurt to have brought in Jamie Chung as warrior woman Mulan. Of course, we’ve been fans of Jamie since her humble days starting out as a cast member of the 2004 season of The Real World. We even hyped her as one of the 16 hottest gals to ever appear on the show. Then it was pretty nice of Jamie to prove us right by being hot enough to be one of the few Real World ladies to get a career going outside of the show.

She made a pretty humble appearance as a Hooters waitress in 2007’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, but was soon stealing scenes in other big-screen productions. Jamie even stood out amongst the babe-filled casts of Sucker Punch and the underrated slasher remake Sorority Row. Things didn’t work out with Sucker Punch, but Jamie still had a hit in 2011 with The Hangover, Part II. She’ll show up in Part III next year, too, and has a flashy role in the ultraviolent action film The Man With the Iron Fists. That one opens this coming weekend, so Jamie’s sure staying busy. Now get busy with this gallery of Jamie showing off all of her many kick-ass charms…   [image via imdb]

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