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Watch The First US ‘Sensation White’ Livestream Here [VIDEO]


It feels like we’ve been talking about tonight’s festivities forever but the big night is finally here! If you couldn’t score your tickets, you can always watch the livestream here–starting at 9 PM EST).

I’m a little confused because the show itself starts at 8 PM EST. Maybe they’re delaying the broadcast an hour later? I don’t know. What I can tell you, though, are the official set times that aren’t displayed on the YouTube page. If the broadcast starts an hour later, just tack on an extra hour to what you see on the live schedule.

07:55 pm | MR. WHITE
08:40 pm | DENNIS FERRER
10:00 pm | FEDDE LE GRAND
11:30 pm | JORIS VOORN
12:45 am | NIC Fanciulli

For those of you upset that you won’t have sweaty 19-year-old chicks rolling face and rubbing up on you, here are some choice hotties from previous shows. Also, there’s always tomorrow night’s show.

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